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LambdaSpeak III

Speech synthesis, MP3 player, Real-Time-Clock, Drum machine and way more...



LambdaSpeak FS

The perfection of LS3. Cheaper and quicker. Well, few functions less, but extra Serial Interface port. For software see my download section.




Gerelakos is a large overscan Role Play Game for the CPC running under FutureOS. ... to come one day...


Octoates CPC related site - Topics around the CPC

CPC-Wiki national Die Wikipedia für Amstrad/Schneider CPC und Plus Computer (Deutsch).
CPC-Wiki international An Wikipedia for the Amstrad/Schneider CPC computers (English)



CPC Fora:


Amstrad CPC Forum

Deutsches Amstrad / Schneider CPC Forum von Devilmarkus. Powered by FutureOS.

Amstrad Plus Forum

French/English forum for the great 6128 Plus and related topics. Powered by AST.

Amstrad ES Forum

Spanisch Forum for the Amstrad CPC and Plus computers.

CPC-Wiki Forum The biggest CPC related forum, English language.

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