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FutureOS group and more The FutureOS Mailing-List. Further Downloads (Games, Demos, Utilities), discussions, Pictures, FAQ, programmers help and much more.


Gerelakos is a large overscan Role Play Game for the CPC running under FutureOS.

Role Play Gaming on CPC

The Group for Role Play Gaming for the CPC.



Other CPC-OS's:



Everything CP/M 2.2, CP/M Plus, ZCPR, Z3Plus and more

Contiki Source

Another OS for the CPC464-6128(Plus)


A GUI/OS for CPC, Joyce, MSX and Enterprise



FutureOS on Youtube:


FutureOS Autoinstaller

Automatic Installation of FutureOS in a MegaFlash card

Cyber Chicken

Cyber Chicken for the Amstrad CPC (BASIC version only)

Giana Sisters (newest WIP)

Giana Sisters Clone for Amstrad CPC - newest WIP

Gerelakos PrePrePreView

Preview of Gerelakos the Role Play Game (see here too)

GSEd Game Editor

R-Type Game Editor (GSEd) on Amstrad CPC / FutureOS

Captain Future Movie

Captain Future on Amstrad CPC with 4 MB RAM expansion

64 KB V-RAM Scroller

64 KB V-RAM Scroller Amstrad CPC6128


Snowfall on CPC by OdieSoft

FilmeMacher 1

FilmeMacher / MovieMaker Demo 1

FilmeMacher 2

FilmeMacher / Moviemaker Demo 2

FilmeMacher 3

FilmeMacher / MovieMaker Demo 3


Just showing how fast characters can be displayed using FutureOS


The file-headers of FutureOS files contain icons, descriptions and more information

Keyboard Clash

Tool "Show keys" used to demonstrate the keyboard clash

FutureView IV

Forth issue of the Discmag FutureView (English language interface)

MMcR Format

MarcMcReady Format for ultraquick format of batches of discs

Start a C program

Start a C program under FutureOS using FIOLIB library and RUNC framework

Using |FDESK

The RSX command |FDESK allows to use FutureOS and conserve the RAM content



General Links:



Octoates CPC related site - Always the latest brand new News for the CPC!

PDA600 The Group and mailing list for PDA600 user.
CPC-Wiki national Die Wikipedia für Amstrad/Schneider CPC und Plus Computer (Deutsch).
CPC-Wiki international An Wikipedia for the Amstrad/Schneider CPC computers (English)



CPC Fora:


Amstrad CPC Forum

Deutsches Amstrad / Schneider CPC Forum von Devilmarkus. Powered by FutureOS.

Amstrad Plus Forum

French/English forum for the great 6128 Plus and related topics. Powered by AST.

CPC-Wiki Forum The biggest CPC related forum, but with ridiculous administration.

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